SC Updates for August, 1998

Site tracks development of SC code
   8-30: Sblaster has put together a page and effort to clean up Stellar Crisis code.

Clan Wars opens for next session
   8-28: Clan Wars officially started today, reports administrator Chris John. So start racking up those clan points.

Fuschia moves to FASTER server
   8-27: Fuschia v2.8.5 Moved to a new, faster server during the night.

Lonely v2.8.4 leaves in a week
   8-27: Lonely v2.8.4 server goes down in a week, reports admin and owner, Agt. He is looking for someone to put up the database. So if you have a long term, which is all the server offered, you best wrap up the games.

Grauer's home page includes maps!
   8-27: Big Red Deathhas put up clan page that works just as well as a home page, complete with maps that are very educational. Ever wonder what it takes to beat politia, Voyager or Lylat? He's got the maps and dialog to tell you how he did it.

BugLady finally gets her server
   8-25: BugLady has put up a new Stellar Crisis server, Fuschia. The URL is temporary as she plans to move it to a MUCH faster server in a couple days. But it's open for business, so have fun!!

Clan Wars gears up for next campaign
   8-25: Clan Wars returns Sept. 1, with a change to making the favorite pastime of Stellar Crisis players a by invite only tournament. See the page for complete rules.

CereDigion starts page
   8-24: CereDigion (Simon Thomas) started his home page for Stellar Crisis, complete with empire statistics.

Peter Grauer Explains Pop Trick
   8-21: Peter Grauer explains the pop trick, something everyone keeps asking about for good reason.

Stellar Crisis Room pushes past 200,000 visits
   8-12: Sometime during the night, Stellar Crisis Room had it's 200,000th visitor. The first 100,000 visits took about 22 months, with the mark reached in December. The second 100,000 visits came in less than nine months. Could 300,000 be in reach by Christimas?
Thanks to everyone who has visited and helped make Stellar Crisis Room the place to get your information on the game!!

Do I Know You starts home page
   8-8: Do I Know You Starts? a home page, complete with a nuke diary.

John Garren introduces page, beginner tips
   8-1: Check-In Station is the newest home page, by a not so new member of the Stellar Crisis community. The page is centered around "Tips for the Emerging Empire," a guide for the very, very new player. John Garren is an experienced player, who played a lot, left and has now returned. John is seeking information from the wise veterans for a more advanced section.

Galaxy server provides v2.8.5 beta version
   8-1: Galaxy, a new server provided by UtahNetwork and GammaNet IRC Network GammaNet came online today. BigB is administrator. DarkFalcon is co-administrator.

DJ40oz announces his home page is up!
   8-1: DJ40oz announces his player home page.

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