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Triplets tournament starts consolation tourney
      07-16-04: This week empires that did not advance in the first round of the fabulous Triplets Tournament have been entered at the Prometheus server into a consolation tournament.
      There will be 2 divisions for the consolation round. Each player will play 6 games. Top 2 players from each division will advance. In the event of a tie for second, those players will all advance. In the event of 3-way or more tie for first, all will advance.
      Games were started July 13, last Tuesday. All games will be paused for the first week. After the first week the games will be unpaused unless a player requests a continued pause.
      Division 1: Riff Raff, Deepblou, Ceredigion, Stormer, Romulan, Scuff, RebelYell.
      Division 2: Lylatwars, Scujuan96, Wandering Loan, Dogsstar, Pixel, Phred, Nippo.

Hello my friends, I'm baaaack!
      07-04-04: What an appropriate day to regain entry to the SC Room, Independence Day, the Fourth of July (well, here in the states it is). In the past 11 months or so since the last posting there's been a terrific tournament started, my wife survived a medical scare (she was in critical care for a while) and I've undergone two surgeries that were sports related (knee, toe).
      There's also been an addition to the family, an Apple G5, that screams. I added a different FTP program and it allows me to connect securely to Lug. So if you have any news you would like to submit, send away and we'll try to get the historical archives caught up.

Regensburg appears to be gone
      08-15-03: It was brought to my attention that the Regensburg server appeared to be no longer working. So, for now, I have pulled it off the server list. Anyone know anything about it? Give me an email jingle.

Power outage takes out Lug
      08-14-03: A major power outage struck dozens of eastern cities in the United States and Canada late Thursday afternoon.
      The power outage shut down the Lugdunum server, where I was in a game with SC LAIR. The server was back up around 7:50 a.m. Friday morning, eastern time.
      Cities affected included New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. The power outage occurred shortly after 4 p.m. eastern time.

Nuke on sight: SCtweeker
      07-26-03: It seems we have a new butthead in the game, a nasty player who goes off alliance named SCtweeker. He accused a player of double-emping while going off alliance in a simple starter game. Used a lot of foul language while nuking this empire. This type of language and behavior is a prime example of why there are no new players.

Check out game availability page
      07-23-03: Looking for a game? Click on "open games" at the bottom of the server listing at left or go directly to Galaxia's Stellar Crisis Open Game List.

SC Room updates
      07-17-03: Some of you know I live in Okanogan in the states. Don't worry. My house is fine. A fire swept through town and took out five homes. The fire's swath was about 200 yards from the house, just up the hill. We got water on the roof and we're just fine. My wife also is back and working starting Tuesday. An extended illness that doctor's took three weeks to diagnose landed her in critical care for four days in Wenatchee. But she's fine, though 25 pounds thinner and much wiser in the ways of the medical world.

      I switched the room to a table format from a frame format at the suggestion of Galaxia. I wanted to experiment with frames, but I found the room did not stay consistent in its appearance using various browsers. Though Galaxia had a lot of nifty ideas on how he liked to see the room look, I opted to stay true to my own vision of the room. I did use Galaxia's table html as an outline into which I inserted the room's code. Many thanks to Galaxia.

      I added a link to Galaxia's open game page under resources at far left. Players can go there and check out where games are available.
Galaxia creates GAP replacement
      06-16-03: An effort to replace the GAP, which showed games available on various servers, has been started at a page created by Galaxia. This is a work in progress, so be patient as the page evolves.

New SC server Nebulous goes online
      02-25-03: DarkFalcon (Allen Skaggs) and BigB (Bruce Berrest) announced today that their server, Nebulous is open for play. The server has been tested for two weeks. It runs Aleks' v2.8.8 code, which is completely up-to-date.

Yahoo messages refined into strategy site
      02-03-03: Bryon, who plays as Stormer, announced his strategy web site for intermediate and advanced players wanting to improve their game.

      "There is an advanced strategy guide for both version 2.9 and 3.0, a comprehensive list of tips and little known facts for all versions, an in depth look at advanced tricks for cloakers, engineers, mines, stargates, jumpgates, builders, and morphers. Much of this information came through a close examination of the 18,000 + archived messages at Stellar Crisis Club at Yahoo.," writes Bryon.

      "Included in this site is a page dedicated to ideas for changes in the current versions, new ship types and ideas for new series based on current versions of Stellar Crisis.There are also proposals for new scoring systems.       "A comprehensive list of all the current sites and web pages dedicated to stategy or are otherwise noteworthy, are posted in the links section. This is meant to be a one stop site for all advanced and intermediate players looking to improve their game."

SCCU tournament announced
      01-30-03: Colin (aka HellSpawn) emailed me today about starting another SCCU tournament. Sign Up Today!

Initial Hall of Fame inductees announced
      01-14-03: Rowan Deppeler, system administrator for Cybernex Networking, reported that he's updated the Stargate Stellar Crisis server to Andy's latest code, plus a few enhancements of Rowan's own making.
      Rowan said over the next few days or weeks he will be adding new games to provide more variety.

Initial Hall of Fame inductees announced
      01-05-03: The Voyager (Lynnley Whiteford) announced today at Stellar Crisis Club at Yahoo Groups that a five-member committee had made it's final selection for the initial inductees to the Stellar Crisis Hall of Fame.

They included:
Sylvan Clebsch (Sick Boy)
Amanda Dalrymple (Tiberia)
Simon Gillbee (Dread Pirate Roberts)
Andy Graves (Lugdunum)
Chris John (Azo)
Bruce Berrest (BigB)
Bradley Reeger (Vegetti)
Lynnley Whiteford (The Voyager)
Arden Starbird (Skai)
Al Camp (Bird of Prey)

      See Stellar Crisis Hall of Fame pages for updates.

Almonaster servers to pause for a few days
      01-03-03: Alajar wrote to SC Club at Yahoo that the Falcon and Prometheus servers will be paused up to Jan. 15 while he goes on vacation and changes Internet provider. His contracts for IDSL and nameserver services expires Jan. 10. All should be back to normal by Jan. 15.

      Between Jan. 10 and Jan. 15, urls might not work. So alajar set up alternative dynamic DNS urls (which will only work from Jan. 10 to when the servers return). They are and

Two Almonaster servers from which to choose
      12-22-02: Max Attar Feingold announced that both Almonaster servers have returned to the web. Check out Falcon or Prometheus. Both servers sport several updates, including better user interface, and cheaper cost to build morphers, carriers and jumpgates. For all the updated information checked out the project page.

Server to beta test new Bridier system
      12-11-02: A new server dubbed Byzantium has been set up to beta test a revised Bridier scoring system under v3.2.16.

BoP's many empire name page updated
      12-07-02: Updated my alias page with current/past empire names broken into three different categories.

Stormer announces Strategy and Tips page
      11-22-02: The empire Stormer, who plays at Lug, announced that he's completed a Strategy and Tips page for version 3.0.

Prometheus Almonaster returns
      11-07-02: OK, it's official, the Prometheus Almonaster server is back online thanks to Max Attar Feingold. Max says the server might be a bit slow since it's running on a 144kbps IDSL connection (sounds fast to me). But it should be adequate for non-graphics intensive game play. He also says the server should be up until at least January.

Clan Wars Is No Longer Operational
      10-26-02: My Last Empire (Shaun) reports on the Clan Wars website that he can no longer operate the competition.

Game Availability Page is down for a rewrite
      10-26-02: Andy Graves has taken the GAP out of service, because it was not working correctly and was hogging resources. He promises that it will return in an improved incarnation soon, but we've all heard promises like that before. Believe it when you see it :)

VT moves into top spot at Lugdunum
      10-02-02: Vodzca-Toonak (Shawn Fulton) moves into the No. 1 spot at Lugdunum with a score of 723.5. Phantasmorgias (Elvis? drops to No. 2 at 720.5.

Lugdunum to be out Saturday-Sunday
      09-24-02: The server hosting Lugdunum will move Sept. 28 at 12:01 a.m. The server will be taken offline and data moved to a facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Servers will be back online by 6 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 29. In the unlikely event that the data center move must be re-scheduled, a contingency date of October 11, 2002 has been designated.

Get credit for your nukes!
      08-08-02: The latest idea for a tournament, Stellar Crisis Credit Union, includes the novel idea of being paid, with credits, for your nukes. You join the web site, set up games and get paid in credits (SC tokens?). You start with 15 credits (maximum bet on a game is five credits). The person with the most credits at midnight (Transylvania time?) Oct. 31 is the winner. Lose all your credits and you're out. Nice, clean site with simple rules. This could be fun!

Effort starts to revive Clan Wars
      07-19-02: My Last Empire is trying to revive Azo's Clan Wars concept. His first step is trying to find six willing captains. You can also add your name to a mercenary list. This should be fun, though it can be a lot of work for the empire doing the organizing. Good luck!

Hastur produces own SC page
      07-15-02: In the true spirit of Stellar Crisis, Hastur has posted his own page in support of Stellar Crisis. There was a time when a new player page was posted once a week. My, how those times have changed. So it's very nice to note the making of a new player page. Great job Hastur!

Try these links to Ah server
      07-09-02: Ahmageddon server links:
Ahmageddon, to sign-in
Ahmageddon, with sign-in
Ahmageddon, more info
Experimental server, so expect down times.

New server emphasizes team games
      06-19-02: Wretch announced a new server, Ahmageddon (his spelling) vPHP2.8.8b, which is similar to Iceberg but with an emphasis on TEAM games.

Del Hart starts SC Forum
      06-13-02: Should you be looking for an alternative to Yahoo Group's pertaining to Stellar Crisis, try Del Hart's SC Forum. Lots of information for the new player is mixed in with responses to questions.

Check out SC Lair at Yahoo
      06-12-02: Looking for a fun place to meet in Yahoo Group? Try SC Lair.

Maintenance scheduled for Lug
      06-02-02: Lugdunum will be down 3-4 a.m. WST Wednesday, June 5, for scheduled maintenance.

Rose-Marie, Rude say hi; update home page urls
      05-30-02: Hey, guess who I heard from today? Madam Thunderbolt and Eduron Flux (Rose-Marie and Rude) gave me an e-mail jingle. Seems they have changed urls for their home pages. So I hurriedly updated the players pages. Anyone else have a change, addition?

Iceberg updated to v2.8.8b
      05-22-02: Iceberg upgraded to version v2.8.8b, with the feature local coordinate systems for maps and orders. An empire's home world will always appear to be located at (0,0) and all other systems will have coordinates relative to its home world. The other players in the game will see the same thing.
      When you look at a system from another player's perspective, both will see it with different coordinates. If the system has been named, you will both see the same name and see anything that happens there (only the coordinates will be different). If you wish to be able to exchange coordinate references with other players, you will have to exchange system names, work out the translation between your coordinate systems or agree on a common point of origin (configurable on the Systems screen).
      The idea was credited to Ah, who also coded the changes.

PressEnter server is no more
      03-26-02: Steve at the PressEnter server notified me today that the SC server hard drive crashed, and the company would be retiring the game. "It was fun while it lasted," wrote Steve. The server proved to be fast, though limited in game selection. It also included the dreaded name-cheat, so few played there.

Hard to post to Lugdunum
      03-20-02: I've not been able to log onto Lugdunum to post updates here. I have no idea why. I have been writing updates and saving them at home. I will post whenever I can get through.

Lug rewinds; check your games
      03-16-02: There was a small but significant re-wind at Lug this morning. Better check those tournament or long-term games.

Dork stretches game to over 1,000 moves
      03-16-02: Well, Ancient was at it again today. This time he joined forces with Pigs on the wings in Blood 'n' Gutz 3597, where they worked together. I was GoAway. A player named truce gave up, built a sat wall and left game. Ancient worked 1-1 on Lynngaze for a fairly tough nuke. Then pigs allowed free passage through his systems to Ancient so he could get closer NEEDS7 to attack me in conjunction with pigs. I would call that a 2-1, wouldn't you in a blood? Pigs accused me of sitting on my thumb, but I was in a fairly good position, had fallen behind in tech when I lost an overbuilt fleet too soon. So I played defense and waited for a small tech advantage.

      Ancient brought a col down to take over my hw, right through Ancient's systems. Pigs tried to take out truce before he ruined, but lost all his ships. Ancient then nuked pigs without a fight.

      I got to tell you players, nothing is fair in SC. Play the game with the knowledge that there are very unscruplous players out there. A game may be a blood or an ally game, but players enter with pre-arranged alliances (I won't attack you, you don't attack me). I will report these players as I find them. They are ruining the game, especially in bloods.

Dork stretches game to over 1,000 moves
      02-22-02: Ancient Dork stretched a game that should have ended on update 29 to over 1,000 updates, making it quite possibly the longest game ever played in a single day. (Please don't try this at home; leave this to the professionals with two extra hours on their hands)

Stellar Cats two-time champs at ISCL
      02-07-02: For the second-straight year the Stellar Cats won the ISCL championship. Keep checking the ISCL site for the next tournament.

Moved just in time
      02-04-02: I thought of a new way to maybe get notice on the SC Room at Gamestats about moving the active pages to Lugdunum. But when I tried it tonight I could not connect. I checked and SC Room appears to be gone. In fact, I couldn't connect with Gamestats, either. I guess we moved the room just in time.

SC Faces, Erick's site back up
      02-04-02: New URL for Erick Beck's Face's page. Please take note.

Speaking of dead links
      02-01-02: A heads up from Eikoor says the SC Faces link is dead - didn't work for me either - and the French server Leseuil v3.2.4 is gone forever, according to message on its bulletion board. Thanks Stefan.
      Erick says the server with SC Faces needs to be re-booted, but can't due to admin being away. Have patience, the page will return!

SC Faces returns
      01-25-02: Call it Christmas in January. Erick Beck returned his very popular SC faces page to the web. He will be returning previous pages to the site and, just maybe, some new areas of interest to SC players.

System upgrade to close Lug briefly
      01-12-02: An operating system upgrade will take Lug offline soon, says Andy. Watch the front page to the Lugdunum server for more information.

Iceberg server comes online
      01-12-02: Though a few have known of the SC server v2.8.3b created by Alexia, it was not until Jan. 11 that it was announced to be open to the public. Dubbed the Iceberg server, Alexia has rewritten code in PHP. The code is cheat-free (no html or build hack available). Report any bugs to Alexia (Aleksandr Sidorenko).

Player home pages updated
      01-10-02: In cleaning up the SC Room, Aztec Empire reminded me of his new address for his SC player home page. While fixing it, I went ahead and cleaned out the non-working addresses (Last done Dec. 1998), which was about half the entries. Some of those home pages contained valuable information no longer available to players.
      The pages that remained were pretty darn good. If anyone wants to add a new home page area on the game, let me know. We could use some new blood, er, home pages.

SC Room moves to Lugdunum
      01-08-02: Hi to all who find the SC Room at Lugdunum. I moved the site in the last few days while I could get the pages to download from, where support (at least for the little guy) disappeared six months ago.
      How bad was it? I just checked the main server site and see their choice sites all having posted news reports over the last few days. I have not been able to post news at the Room since at least Dec. 24 because their server denies me access. They say it's a glitch and they are working on it. Come on, it's been over two weeks.
      Gamestats loss is the Stellar Crisis realm's gain, in that I can take down those SLOOW loading banner ads. From what I've seen so far, the room loads very fast. Enjoy! (And thank Andy profusely!!!)

Gamestats says server is down, but . . .
      01-01-02: For those who are patient enough to reach this page, gamestats is working on servers, trying to find who is hogging all the connection speed. Don't worry, it's not me. They've apparently disabled my calls to Perl and cgi programs, which were used for random banners, pictures and music.
     I apologize for the lack of access to the room. It's out of my hands at this time. Perhaps I should find a new home?

Server information updated
      01-01-02: I updated the server list, reflecting the availability of two servers I was unaware of - Endor v3.2.9 and Leseuil v3.2.4. Both are located in Europe, with the later server being all in French. I understand they came online around May. I could be corrected (endor, you out there?)

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